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  • Dr. Marie Santora

First Visit to a Naturopathic MD

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

For most patients, their first visit to a naturopathic physician is when they notice the striking difference between conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine. Some of the most conspicuous differences are shown in the following table.

Naturopathic MD [1]

Conventional MD [2]

Duration: 30 – 90 min

Duration: 20 min

Discussion: Symptoms, history, medications, supplements, diet, lifestyle, stress, family, work, emotional state

Discussion: Symptoms, history, medications

Diagnostic Tests: Physical Exam, Lab work, Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Tests: Physical Exam, Lab work, Medical Imaging

Medications: Prescription & OTC drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbals, diet

Medications: Prescription & OTC drugs

Treatments: IV therapy, Light Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counselling, Lifestyle Counselling

Treatments: Inoculations, Minor surgery

Cost: $95 - $225

Cost: $250 - $400

Payer: Out of pocket

Payer: Insurance plus copay (~$20)

[1] May not apply to all naturopathic physicians, but does apply to Dr. Santora.

[2] Typical of conventional physicians, but may not apply to concierge doctors.

In summary, a naturopathic physician is likely to spend more time, investigate your health more thoroughly, and provide more treatment options. One would expect this to be more expensive but, in fact, it is not. For those that have health insurance, the cost of a conventional doctor visit may appear to be cheaper, but most of the cost is covered by the insurance company. For those that don’t have health insurance or for those that prefer the improved level of care provided by a naturopathic physician, the cost of an office visit is still relatively small. (Note that diagnostic lab work, diagnostic imaging and medications prescribed by a naturopathic physician are still covered by health insurance.)


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